Great for...

* Movie Tickets
* Mini Golf
* Soda Mill
* Treats!

Gift Card Benefits

* ALWAYS the right size & color!
* EVERYONE loves movies!
* They never expire.
* May be used for movie tickets, concession purchases or at PUTTZ Mini Golf.
* Available in ANY denomination – as little or as much as you’d like!
* Reloadable and reusable. Charge your cash card at any cashier at the Movie Mill!

Get yours TODAY! 
Available in person from 11am until 11pm daily (cash, debit or credit card). Pick yours up at ANY selling station, or at PUTTZ Miniature Golf.

Please call 381-1251 during office hours for any questions, concerns, or to place large orders (shipping and handling charges may apply). 

Sorry, we are not equipped to do online orders.